Greatest Dad Wins Ever

Greatest dad wins ever - YouTube That was great Lol.. Best one at the end.. When the little girls are flying down the hill with no breaks. And the dad hits 4.3 40 yard dash.. To save other lil one.. Speed :))

Are Customers Returning to Your Facebook Fan Page?

You've essentially set up your Facebook Fan Page, addressed everything in your Landing page and are continuously altering your wall updates every couple of days, and even hours, or so? Everybody desires in when it comes to unique rates and…


WOW ! Is that Windows 95 ? LMAO =D

5 Idea For an Efficient Facebook Landing Page

As a site designer, I like astonishing graphics, however is it proper for your company? If you require double-taking contra-reality, we can accommodate. ► Suggestion # 1In addition to everything else Facebook is, it is likewise a huge sear…

Random Girls Saying HI :))

"Don't worry Honey.. I Just made sure that BITCH would never said hi to you again" Does All girls Like this ?LMAO :))) #FunnyMEMES #GirlsNowAdays #FreakingMadlyInLove #LMAO

Tips About Doing Facebook Hack

Social media has been a part of people's daily lives, best example is facebook. Facebook will help you to use its wide range of functions like posting pics, sharing video clips and communicating with other users. But are you aware that it'…

When You Know You Guilty

HAhaha when you walk past niggas and just feel them lookin cuz they lookin so hard.. LMAO =D #FunnyVines #Cheating #BoysNowadays #SexyButt @LMAO

Adorable Sleepy Kid in Buddhist Class

adorable sleepy kid in buddhist class - YouTube I'm sure you've seen this but it's funnier every time I watch it. Esp the kid in the back lol

We take it to the Extreme!!

We take it to the Extreme!! | 24Town - YouTube Is this really me when am hyper lol.

Computer Programmer =D

"What does a homeless person do the first time you let them use a computer? Searches through the recycle bin." "Why does the computer programmer ignore the warning on the cigarette carton? Because he's seen so many warnings he only cares a…